About Me


I am a Certified Nutrition Educator focused on helping individuals and families take control of their health through eating whole, seasonal, minimally processed foods. I teach people how macronutrients work together, the importance of micronutrients, cooking basics, meal planning, and how to address digestion, food sensitivity, and allergy issues. You can improve your health, increase energy levels, lose extra weight, get sick less often, clear up skin disorders, sleep better, and feel better overall by finding the foods that work best for you.

New Family Nutrition was birthed out of my love for good food, gardening, cooking, passion for the environment, and my quest to be the best mom I can be. Taking care of ourselves results in having more energy and being more vibrant in our lives, which manifests itself in everything we do. I have seen first-hand how meal planning, stocking a healthy pantry, and taking the time to learn how to prepare basic whole foods, can make someone a better, happier, more motivated person. I want these things for you as well.

I became a Certified Nutrition Educator to help people along this path. My quest is to help you and your family live a healthier, happier life by sharing with you the vital knowledge gained from my education, research, and what I learn from working with other people like you. I seek to “put it all together” in digestible bits of information that you can apply to your daily life. I offer a variety of services on a sliding scale, and we can make a plan that suits your needs and situation.

I was educated in holistic nutrition at Bauman College. I also hold a BA from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies. I am a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the Weston A. Price Foundation, and currently serve as an ambassador for Larabar.